What To Look For When Choosing A Preschool or Daycare

What To Look For When Choosing A Preschool or Daycare

Research indicates that enrolling a child in preschool or daycare can be beneficial for the  child’s long term development and success. But not all daycares are created equal, so how can you decide whether or not a particular program is right for you and your child? The most effective and popular daycares often exhibit similar elements and can be identified if you know what you’re looking for, so keep your eyes open for these practices when enrolling your child in a new daycare.

Classroom Environment

A good preschool or daycare should feature be a nurturing environment to ensure safety and comfort for the children, but it should also be fun and exciting in order to promote meeting new friends and sharing toys. Look for a daycare that offers a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will help inspire your child as they get older.

And while it’s wise to look out for sharp objects or corners, don’t be afraid if storage shelves appear too low. Despite it looking strange, low shelves encourage children to retrieve and play with toys without having to ask their teachers to get it for them, thus instilling confidence and problem-solving skills in the child. Furthermore, if teachers aren’t occupied with menial tasks, it allows them more time to engage and interact with students.

Varied Curriculum

When most effective, a daycare’s curriculum can stimulate your child’s development while also being fun. Programs that offer wide variations of classes in subjects like music, language, and science can help children years later in their studies while also instilling decision-making skills that increase chances for success later in life.

A Caring and Qualified Staff

While it’s likely the program has vetted the staff prior to hiring, it’s encouraged that parents talk to the teachers and staff for themselves in order to decipher whether or not the staff is excited to be around the children. Invigorated teachers are more likely to positively interact with the students and can leave a lasting impression on them to be excited while in a learning environment, leading to a happier and more productive student life.

Safe and Clean Facilities

Obviously, the best preschools feature clean classrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. Be sure that the building is properly heated and ventilated, as well, and that any medications or dangerous chemicals are out of reach. Additionally, make sure the facility doesn’t allow strangers to walk in from the street.

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