Art Class (Fundamental Principles of Drawing & Painting) - Mondays

Dance Class - Tuesdays

Music Class - Fridays

Karate Class - Weekly

Soccer Class - Weekly

Yoga Class - Weekly

Speech Class with Speech Teacher - Daily

Each week is dedicated to a specific theme such as family, transportation, pets, wild animals, holiday, season, etc.

  • Alphabet recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Opposites, rhyming words
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Dimensions & Textures
  • Listening & Attention Span skills
  • Activities involving fine muscles and gross muscles
  • Arts & Crafts projects
  • In addition to participating in the above activities children will learn:

  • Language Arts (Phonics & Reading)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Drama/Musicals
  • In addition to participating in the above activities children will learn:

  • Language Arts (Phonics & Reading & Grammar)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Class/ Group Projects
  • Curriculum

    Just Like Mom’s philosophy and approach blends the best practices of various educational disciplines, European and American, old and new, creating a unique and balanced approach to early childhood education. Over the last two decades we have had the opportunity to refine our curriculums and teaching methodology to provide the appropriate balance of cognitive, social, creative and physical development. We believe that our ability to provide the right balance of education, social skills, creative outlets and fun activities within a nurturing and secure environment will lay the foundation for success in later life.

    We recognize that parents are a key component in a child’s education. Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences with their child’s teachers to discuss their progress and address questions and concerns. Just Like Mom’s also conducts parent meetings, programs, and events throughout the year. It’s through the feedback from our parents that our program has become so successful.

    Many of our students have grown up to become business owners, executives, actors, teachers, attorneys, doctors, and other leaders of the community. However, most rewarding and a true testament to the quality of care we provide, resides in the number of former students who entrust us with their children. Of course, we are honored.

    Below are some Curriculum Highlights which include but are not limited to the following:


    Language Arts

    Alphabet recognition, Listening, Story Telling, Positional Words, Rhyming, Phonics, Reading, Grammar



    Number recognition, Shapes, Counting, Sorting, Calendar, Patterns, Beginning Addition, Subtraction, Introduction to Multiplication



    Colors, Our Body, 5 senses, Seasons, Weather, Plants, Animals, Cause and Effect, Life Cycles, Solar System.


    Social Studies

    Social skills, Etiquette, Our Surroundings, Holidays, Historic Figures, Diverse Cultures.



    Kids will prepare and enact various songs and plays throughout the year


    Class/ Group Projects

    Memory Games, Class Decorations


    Gross Motor Skills

    Outside Play, Bikes, Climbing, Running, Throwing, Catching


    Fine Motor Skills

    Puzzles, Lacing, Coloring, Writing, Small Table Toys, Scissors Tactile Games.


    Arts & Crafts Projects

    Cutting, Pasting, Painting, Gluing